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Brain-dead holiday

Yellow is enjoying this holiday tremendously.
The only unfortunate thing was the high expense of a 4 day holiday to Singapore. 
Three girls in Singapore on a shopping trip is a recipe for poverty.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year '08 everyone. I wish for each of you the best life God can grant. May you and all you hold dear be blessed this Christmastide and may your 08 be better than the year gone by.
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Offline completely

The Powers That Be have clamped down on all "unproductive" sites - LJ, blogspot, etc. So this Yellow will only blog very terribly infrequently. Sigh... no access to even read all other blogs. Bu-bye blogosphere.

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Just cos she puts happy faces in her mail text doesn't mean she's not sneaky

I've been purchasing stuff online for a long time now. I find my buyers from links in the sites of friends (or friends of friends). Ever since neishus went on hiatus, I've been getting my hardware from these suppliers. Not being from or in Singapore has not been an issue since my sellers accept Paypal payments.

Recently, I came across a seller who leverages off livejournal. She does kitschy clutches at prices ranging from reasonable to highbuticanlivewithit. The clutches are cute but I have no idea as to the quality of workmanship. Notwithstanding this, I placed my first order for 4 clutches - one for myself and three for my SILs and asked if she'd give a discount to which she replied no, but she would waive some postage charges.

When we started our email backandforth on the orders, I explained that I was not from Singapore and would prefer transfer of payment by Paypal. She replied saying that for her convenience, she wished payment to be transferred to her local bank account. Usually I try to avoid situations like this, but seeing as how I had already indicated an interest, I tried getting my works-in-Singapore cousin to do the transfer. His reply - he's outstation for training for one month.

Completely forgetting to get back to my seller, she emailed me all of two days later to chase for confirmation. When I told her I would not be able to make payment as it would incur $25 transfer charge, she said she had a Paypal but chose not to use it for her convenience and whether I wanted to make payment by Paypal instead.

We agreed the order and she sends me the final payment breakdown. Cost of items + discounted postage + $1 for her charges to transfer from her Paypal to her local account.

Should I be displeased by this?

My view: I don't care about having to pay an additional $1. It's the principle. Why should I pay you to transfer money between your accounts if you choose to accept payment by Paypal in order to secure a sale? If you had been upfront on the $1 charge for purchase transfer by Paypal, I would have been fine with it. If you'd built the cost into the sale price of the items or waived less from the postage, I would not care. But now I know, I'm just not pleased. Never mind not advising me of the possibility of paying by Paypal when I first asked, but don't try to be cheeky and stick additional charges without first advising me of it. And you think putting happy face when asking me to do the transfer and explaining why you're charging the additional $1 is going to make me la-di-dah with it? Sneaky. I don't like.

The $1 won't be a deal breaker since I've confirmed the items. But I'm sure as hell going to think twice before buying from this seller again.

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Access Restricted

No access to external mail, ever.

Then it was bu-bye to My Aquarium and My Garden first. 

I thought the next to go would have been the simplified Hangman.

But I was wrong.

faceoff  and internal stats on hours logged on to it may have something to do with the total restriction block.


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I *heart* Facebook

Okay, not so much because common friends can see what's posted. Bad especially when you comment was made to wind the other party up and everyone else (common friends only) sees it and thinks it's serious.

But it's new, so it's fun.

I have no doubt I'll get to be as disconnected with it as I am with blogging.

But for now, a game of Hangman awaits.

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(no subject)

This spate of silence on my part has not been for want of time. Sometimes it has, not definitely not enough to be the reason for my silence. I've just found a contentment in staying on the outskirts of the blogging world. Popping in and out to read what I want, pretty much anonymous to the writers themselves. I have not left comments. I have not participated. 

Not because I was not interested in the items discussed. Not because I did not care about the experiences shared. 

I'm just taking stock of where I'm at in my life and where I want to go. My life is revolving around my work. And it, for want of a better word, sucks. 

I have not found enlightenment. But I have been reminded that it's not about me. I've been listening to a lot of worship music in my car and last night, the words of these songs hit me.

It's amazing how different things impact a person at different times in their lives. I'd heard them tons of times, sung them as much. But the perspective I got from these words only came last night.

And again, I am reminded.

GOD OF WONDERS by Chris Tomlin
Early in the morning
I will celebrate the light
And as I stumble through the darkness
I will call Your name by night

God of wonders, beyond our galaxy
You are holy, holy
The universe declares Your majesty
You are holy, holy

I'm coming back to the heart of worship,
And it's all about You,
It's all about You, Jesus
I'm sorry, Lord, for the thing I've made it
And it's all about You,
It's all about You, Jesus


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A Bone to Pick

I have a fishbone lodged into the back of my throat since dinner last night. I know exactly where it is. I just can't see it. It's not too deep inside that I can feel the sharp end with my finger, but deep enough that I can't extract it myself

To dislodge it, I have tried swallowing:
tons of water
compacted bread soaked in water

And it's annoying me toshits! It scrapes the back of my throat when I swallow. Or when I have a smoke. Or when I'm just talking! I was having a discussion with my line report and all of a sudden, I felt a piercing pain. Apparently, the face I pulled was hilarious. Thank goodness I did not have meetings this morning!

The ENT I was recommended to is closed. The medical centre nearby is open, but it's ENT specialist doesn't have clinic today.

So I have to make do with a normal GP. It's a trip to the doctor's over lunch then.

GP could not get it out. It was the most uncomfortable mouth experience I've ever had. I suppose it was a bit of a longshot to expect him to be able to get the bone out. But ah, I had hopes. *sighs* 

He jammed the wooden stick (that makes me reminisce of ice creams) and peered into the black hole. He shook his head in resignation after some attempts and said he could not help. 

Could not help?! 

Here I am suffering, and you are unable to help me?! Oh great medical practicioner, how useless art thou.

I decided to try on my own - with mashed potatoes for lunch. After swallowing enough to feed a small african tribe, the bone has resolutely decided to stay lodged. Mind you, I feel more of it than before - either because the copious amount of potato has gotten more of the bone out or the swelling around the bone having gone down - so it hurts more. Not to mention that I felt very ill from the potato intake.

Luckily the ENT Specialist Clinic (which has the endoscope that should be able to locate the cause of my pain relatively comfortably) called up to say they could double book me tomorrow for 4pm.

I shall shelve my hope but I will be very happy for the bone to come out. Thank you very much.

I got it out last night. I did a little jig when I realised it was out. 
Swallowed 4 rice balls - didn't do the trick.
Gulped down soup with rice vigorously - uh uh. not that either
Swallowed half a container of mangoes - nope. (although it felt like it was coming out a bit more)

Torchlight and tweezers. I couldn't see it, but the random clipping in the general area of pain must have worked. When I pulled the tweezers outta my mouth, the little 1cm fish bone was lying atop the tweezer. 

Yays! *jig* 
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Watching Movies in my Sleep

I'm on my last instalment of a really good 6-book series by Ashok Banker. I stopped at a particularly gruesome part of the book last night as sleep's  beckon was too tempting to resist. While I did not sleep fitfully, I do not feel I got any sleep. Not when the clashing of swords and battlelust raged behind my lids. It was like watching 7 hours of one long disjointed movie.

Can't wait to get back to it tonight. The book(s) is(are) brilliant!
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A bit of everything makes nothing

I'm so drained these days. My life really equates to work these days. 

Despite workload, I still require little sanity breaks - which I use to read various well-written blogs. And despite late nights at the office, my post-work hours are DVD-packed.

I have a morbid fascination to read what others write and well-written blogs are an excellent way to pass time. Time I don't have - hence, I have become far more selective with my daily reads. I wonder if writers in the flesh present themselves as well as they do in their writing. I wonder how they look and whether their mannerisms are as they sound on paper (or computer). But honestly, I have no compulsion, no want to meet a fellow blogger on purpose. Don't get me wrong, if I had the opportunity to get to know someone, blogger or otherwise, I would. But I am fine with this mode of communication. With dropping my comments if I feel moved to. And keeping silent and passing by, if I don't want to. Increasingly so, I have just been passing by.

I wish I could make more hours in the day. I wish I could make some work disappear. For as much as I work like a choo-choo train on a super-duper-pumped-up engine, a little bit of me dies every day. And every so often, I want to stop this neverending-torture-blissful-satisfaction-suffocating-challenging race I'm in. 

And age, the undeniable passing of time, has affected me somewhat. I can no longer stay up till 2am watching Grey's Anatomy without having to pay the price of bleary-eyes, aching head and the constant need to doze off. Today is one such day. It was a price willingly paid, and the last episode was worth it despite how I feel today. I just wish I had time to vegetate without having to chug along the following day.

Career-me. Battling it out with Me-me. The bossy-opinionated-wantstoclimbcorporateladderfast me vs. simplycomplicated-easypeasygoing-sleepsalot me.

I feel indescribable. It's a bit of burn-out. It's a bit of tiredness. It's a bit of age. It's a bit of lack of sleep.